Care of Your Bus Fleet

/images/service-maintenace.jpgAs the seasons change and temperatures begin to cool down, we would like to take this opportunity to offer some helpful advice when it comes to the care of your bus fleet.  Having sold and serviced thousands of buses over the years, Hudson Bus Sales is proud to be Your Trusted Partner in Transportation.  Please review the bullet points below to ensure a smooth-running fleet:

Pre-trip inspection:

  • Check fluid levels (engine oil, washer fluid, coolant*, transmission fluid etc) to ensure they are at the manufacture specified level *while vehicle is off and engine is cold
  • Check tire pressure and tire tread and ensure they are applicable to manufacture specifications
  • Check to ensure all interior / exterior lights are working correctly
  • Check first aid kit(s), fire extinguisher(s), seat safety belts etc. to ensure they are in good working order

Winter Warnings

Recently, our service department has responded to calls regarding rodents (rats) that have begun nesting in engine compartments to find warmer temperatures.  While there, they chew through electrical wiring that typically leads back to the main wiring harness.  This leads to potentially fatal damage to the computer system, air-conditioning system, child check alarms etc.  It is best practice to hire a licensed pest control company to add a rodent bait station to the area where buses are parked to deter this type of activity.  Our service department can assist by providing early warning detection to you and your staff thus preventing potential damage to these vital systems. 

The Hudson Bus Sales Maintenance Package

Bring your bus to Hudson Bus Sales where our trained technicians perform a 70-point inspection to ensure all systems are working correctly. 

Our service department is currently working with our customers to re-seal the emergency hatch on the roofs of buses and seal exterior light fixtures.  Let us handle your service needs by first performing the inspection and routine maintenance and track any issues before they become unsafe for operation. 

Our paint, body and graphics department can help refresh and blemishes in the paint and perform a graphics package update as well.  Let Hudson Bus Sales, your trusted partner in transportation keep your bus fleet in optimal shape this holiday season!

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Hudson Bus Sales is proud to be a Collins bus dealer servicing your childcare, pre-school, private and charter schools.  We are very excited to introduce and be a part of a commercial bus dealer network to include Champion bus, Federal Coach, Krystal Coach and McSweeny Industries.  This new product line will allow us to better serve Churches, Assisted living centers (Senior Care), University transit systems, tour and charter markets and limousine services.  We welcome the opportunity to serve these markets.  Ask about our referral program at Hudson Bus Sales.  Call us today at 817-207-5808 or visit our contact page for more information.

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