Guide to Renting a Bus for a Week

Guide to renting a bus for a week

If you need to transport a large group of people from one place to another for a week, a great option is to rent a bus. Renting multiple vehicles for such an extended stretch can be a hassle, as well as very costly. Having one vehicle capable of carrying everyone is more convenient.

Whether you need the bus for your wedding, a reunion, or simply because you want to take your entire family on an adventure, renting a bus for a week is a good idea. Not only will you be able to ferry everyone safely from place to place, but you can also stay on schedule and reduce the stress for everyone involved.

What to Do When You Rent a Bus for a Week

When you plan to rent a bus for your event or trip, you need to know the size of your traveling party to make a cost-effective decision because buses come in several different sizes. If your group has 18 or fewer people, you can rent a mini-bus. Its maximum load is 18 passengers. Depending on capacity, other rental buses include larger charter buses that can accommodate up to 35 people or a large motor coach that can carry up to 56 individuals.

You also will need to ensure that your bus driver has his or her accommodations and meals in order. Because you will be renting the bus for a week, you need to count the bus driver as part of your party. You also need to factor in a tip for your driver. A standard gratuity for such a service is 10% of the bus’s rental rate.

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