The Importance of Getting a Bus with ADA Accessibility

Buses are great alternatives to transport massive amounts of people, while using fewer amounts of vehicles on the road. Riding mass transit transportation is not only an interesting experience, but allows for fewer pollutants to be emitted, and occupies less space than having each person drive a private vehicle. A lot of people have benefited from these features. Becaue of this, public transport has become a very popular way of travelling for high-density and far-to-reach locations. However, vehicles like these can be difficult to access, specifically for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities may face difficult obstacles even with the simplest tasks in their daily routine. For some, they occupy more space because they use devices such as wheelchairs and crutches, while others have a hard time moving with the speed of today’s society.

Everyone should experience the benefit of travelling from point A to point B with ease. That is why in the year 1990, the government signed a law that enabled people with disabilities to gain smooth access into public utility vehicles.

What is ADA?

pwd waiting for an ada approved bus

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is designed to protect persons with disabilities from discrimination from their condition be it physical, cognitive, visual or perceived. This law enables these individuals to perform their basic human rights in spaces such as offices, public buildings, and vehicles.

ADA on Buses

The job of public utility vehicles is to service the people with efficient travelling alternatives and yes, that also includes persons with disabilities.

Persons with disabilities must be treated with proper care and consideration. To indicate if the bus you are riding follows ADA standards, it must be equipped with systems or installments that can help persons with disabilities enter the vehicle. Systems such as hydraulic ramps for wheelchairs, railings to help them with their balance, and reserving spaces that could fit them and their assisted living devices, should be seen in the bus.

Busses with ADA regulated equipment will not only give access to persons with disabilities, but also transport even more people to their desired locations, thus, reducing the amount of harmful gases being emitted by vehicles. If the bus is intended to be used privately, travelling will be easier for families, medical institutions, and assisted living spaces that care for disabled people and the aged because there will be little to no difficulty bringing them on and off the vehicle.

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