Is Diesel Still the Best Option for Your Bus?

Ever since diesel powered engines were created, a lot of people have learned and loved the ways it has improved their driving experience. However, if you are beginning to question your choice of  engine, you may want to begin weighing in the pros and cons of owning one.

The Pros and Cons of Diesel-Fueled Engines

Fuel Efficiency

One of the best things about filling up your vehicle with diesel is the mileage you’ll get. Unlike the other types of gasoline, diesel will give you thirty percent more miles per gallon. However, since the demand for diesel is much higher, therefore, more expensive. Other than your bus, diesel can fuel commercial trucks, industrial generators, and can be used to heat oil. Also, not all gas stations offer diesel, so before you head out, you might want to refill your tank first or take a route that has a gas station that has it.

Vehicle Maintenance

Diesel powered bus

Diesel-fueled engines needs less maintenance checkups because they do not use spark plugs or distributors. On the contrary, when the time comes and your bus needs to be tuned, it demands a lot of work. Its oil, air, and ail and fuel filters needs to be changed every so often because if not, the engine will fail, and having that repaired is more expensive.


Today’s diesel powered cars produce less emissions, but that still does not mean that they are completely free from emitting pollutants. Diesel powered engines diffuse carcinogens, nitrous oxides and soot into the air, which can be detrimental to your health, if you are constantly exposed to it.


Although diesel powered vehicles, and their upkeep, are more expensive, the fuel itself gets cheaper in the long run. These kinds of engines also last longer and give your vehicles a higher resale value.

If you think that you can still handle your buse's maintenance and needs, then by all means, continue using and enjoying its diesel powered benefits; but if you feel like that you need to change your bus, the let us, at Hudson Bus Sales, help you out. We are committed to give you the perfect bus that will perfectly suit all your wants or needs. We offer both new and pre-owned buses and buses by industries as well. If you are interested in purchasing our fine line of well-tuned vehicles, give us a call at: 817-207-5808 or simply visit our contact page to know more.

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