Regular Cars vs. Charter Buses

Regular Cars vs. Charter BusesIn planning an event, a key consideration is the best way to transport your guests to the venue. Whether you are planning a wedding, a baptism, a birthday celebration, an anniversary shindig, or some other event involving a lot of guests, you really should consider renting a charter bus from Hudson Bus Sales.

If you want everyone that you invited to your party to arrive safe and sound in a timely manner, then a charter bus is your best option.

Why a Charter Bus is the Best Choice

Some people believe that hiring a charter bus to ferry guests to the party venue is going to be more expensive than hiring multiple cabs or paying to provide gas for friends' vehicles to do the job. What they don’t realize is that a charter bus actually is the most cost-effective choice.

Because you only need to use one vehicle to carry everyone to the party, it is very cost-effective. It also comes with a lot of other benefits when compared with using multiple cars. Among them:

  • It is environmentally friendly – Having only one vehicle taking guests to an event and back is kinder to the planet because there is only one exhaust emitting carbon gasses into the air as opposed to multiple vehicles. Also, it has been noted that a lot of charter buses now use fuel that is cleaner and emits less harmful gasses than most cars.
  • It is easier to find parking – Imagine finding parking spaces for 30 cars rather than a spot for a single bus. The latter is, of course, much easier to achieve. 
  • You have one designated driver – When you have multiple vehicles driving guests to your venue, several individuals will have to abstain from alcohol to serve as designated drivers. With a charter bus, you have one designated driver who is paid to remain sober while freeing guests to fully enjoy themselves.

The next time you have an event where more than 50 people are slated to attend, hire a charter bus to take them to your party. For smaller parties, hiring a smaller bus or a medium-sized shuttle to take people to your venue is a good idea. The company to contact for this is Hudson Bus Sales. To find out what buses are available for your date and event, contact us online or give us a call at 817-207-5808.

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