Safety Accessories You Need for Your Bus

Vehicles, in general, are wheeled machines that carry people from point A to point B. There are various types of automobiles the public uses, but the two main types which are often seen on the road are those which do not use engines (e.g. bikes), and those that have engines in order to run (e.g. cars, motorcycles, and buses). Between the two types, however, the vehicles that have engines are the ones that face a higher chance of experiencing road accidents.

Causes of vehicular disasters usually stem from highly congested roads, presence of pedestrians, or people who do not know how to use their vehicle’s blinkers; and because of these aspects, drivers tend to lose themselves to road rage and begin to forget about the basic rules of the road.

As a responsible bus driver, it is your duty to avoid any possible accidents that can be experienced on the road, to keep you and your passengers safe. However, in some circumstances, it is not your fault as to how and why you have ended up in such a predicament.

Preparing yourselves before you head onto the road can and will save many lives. However, being alert on the road is not enough to keep the people inside your bus safe. So, before you even roll your vehicle out of your garage, it must be equipped with the following accessories, in order for a safe journey to ensue.

Well-Padded Seats

Having cushioned seats in your bus does not only increase the levels of comfort, but it can also be used as a soft padding or landing pad, if ever you find yourself in a vehicular accident.

Safety handrail for transit busses


Now, although seatbelts are usually seen being used by those seated at the front of the vehicle, having them in every seat of the bus is still better than none. There will be circumstances wherein strapping-on to the seat is the safest action to get from point A to point B.

Fire Extinguishers

Fires can be abrupt and can begin anywhere. If ever your engine, or any part of your bus for that matter, catches fire, you will be able to put it out because of this nifty item.

First Aid Kit

If ever you are caught in an accident and someone is injured, having more than one first aid kit will help them through the pain. Injuries, even if it is just a scratch, should not be overlooked, and helping out a concerned passenger over this matter is the right thing to do.

Emergency Exits

Having numerous options to escape disastrous situations saves many lives. Besides the main bus doors, having an exit at the back and side of the bus will make it easier for passengers to evacuate the vehicle.

Window Hammers

If your bus cannot accommodate an extra door, then installing window hammers is the next best thing. Your passengers will be able to create an escape route, by breaking your windows, if ever you are faced with a dire situation.

Warning and Reflective Lights

With these installed on your bus, it will be easier to signal other drivers that people are getting on, or getting off of, your vehicle.

Safety Hand Rails

Passengers that travel in short distances prefer standing in the bus over sitting because it is a quicker way to get out of the bus. Normally, taking a seat is better, but since this situation exists, installing safety hand rails inside your bus will give these passengers something to hold on to while the vehicle runs.

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