Safety Regulations for Buses You Should Know

When you get into a bus, you're placing your life in the hands of the driver. But to make the driver's life easier and to make your bus trip as comfortable as it can be, here are some safety regulations that you should definitely know, or put into practice:


Brace Yourself

When you're standing up on a bus, make sure to securely grab onto something, such as a handbar, stanchions, or a seatbar. Just make sure that you're always keeping yourself steady, as standing while in a moving bus is bound to be trouble, especially if you lose your balance because the driver had to make a sudden brake. As much as possible, keep alert for any bumps or always remember to stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground, to reduce the possibility that a sudden brake will make you lose your balance and crash into other people.

And as long as it's possible, make it your goal to be able to ride and sit down on the bus. So, if you want to get a seat and get to work or school on time, try to ride the bus during non-rush hours. You may have to get up a little earlier, but the comfort of having a seat as opposed to standing up for the duration of your ride is more than worth it.

bus stop sign

Stay Where You Are

Have you ever seen a passenger get up from his seat and move to another seat that's much closer to the front of the bus? Aside from unnecessarily bothering other people, that can actually be dangerous and distracting, especially for the driver. And while it may be tempting, resist the urge to sit on the stairwell of the bus, as you may be injured when the bus door opens and closes.


Move to the Rear

When you are forced to stand up while on a moving bus, the least you can do is to provide the least pain for everyone involved by movng to the rear ot the bus as soon as you get on. When too many people refuse to go to the back of the bus and stay in front, it causes unnecessary discomfort for everyone, as it makes it difficult for passengers to alight quickly.

And even though it might be very tempting to just snag that seat, when you see a pregnant lady, or a senior citizen, or someone disabled, do honor the courtesy seating and leave the first front seats of the bus open for them. Don't forget to report any vandalism that you see, or any graffiti on the chairs or anywhere else to the bus operator. If everyone does their part, we can all be a little safer and have a more comfortable, cleaner bus ride.

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