Transit versus Coach: Which Vehicle is better for Intercity Travel

The best way to transport a massive group of people from one point to another is by getting them into a large vehicle. There are numerous modes of transportation that are not only capable of transporting numerous people, but are able to traverse through different terrains. When someone needs to travel across the waters, there are boats and yachts. If people plan to go to places via air travel, there are commercial and private airplanes made available, and since the road is the most accessible way of traveling amongst the others, hopping on the bus is the way to go.

Now, since The United States is one big chunk of land, with numerous states and cities laid across it, there is often no better choice but to ride a bus to get to your destination. However, depending on the distance and the area you are travelling in, you have two types of buses to choose from. You can either ride on a transit bus or go coach, and although these vehicles have a similar shape, size, and structure, their purpose for being on the road is different.

Interior of a coach bus

The Difference between Transit and Coach

Transit Busses

Transit busses are the ones you see roaming around the streets of cities and suburban areas every single day. These types of vehicles are perfect for these areas because it only requires a short distance for their passengers to travel from point A to point B; and since it is meant to transport huge amounts of people within a short span of distance and time, passengers are allowed to stand inside. These buses are designed accordingly to their field, so most transit buses are fashioned or equipped with the following features:

  • Large and sometimes multiple doors to let passengers on and off with ease
  • Minimal or no luggage space
  • Bench or bucket seats
  • LED signs that display their destination
  • Legal standing-passenger capacity
  • Fare taking/verification equipment
  • Pull cord to signal the driver to stop the vehicle

Coach Buses

Coach buses are built to conquer longer journeys, and because of this fact, they are designed to be a little more sophisticated than transit buses. Since they hold the passengers for a significant period of time, they are equipped with the following features:

  • Comfortable seats which may include a folding table, armrest, and recliner
  • Luggage racks located above the passenger seats
  • Luggage holds, which are accessed outside of the vehicle, enabling passengers to store bigger bags
  • Passenger service units
  • On-board rest rooms
  • On-board entertainment
  • Vending machines
  • Wheelchair accommodations
  • Curtains
  • Wifi-access

So which is best for Intercity Use?

Between the transit and coach, the latter vehicle is the best one to use or board. Since the journey to some cities are quite long and tedious, it is better to sit inside a vehicle that has improved comfort levels, and is complete with the amenities one might need when travelling across great distances.

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