Rod Maxwell


“Selling the bus is secondary, the customer understanding the person and the company from whom they are buying, the tangibles and intangibles that frame this picture in their mind is what makes us different and what motivates me to change the bus dealership narrative.”

“Why would I buy a bus from Hudson Bus”? If you don’t know the answer to this question, it is certain that you have not met Rod Maxwell!

With over 30 years of helping people make things easier when it comes to important decisions within their business, Rod’s passion to Create Amazing Reliable Experiences for his customers is exclusive.

Rod enjoys literally anything that involves his family. He's good at sports AND technology. Guess he's a nerd jock… You can reach Rod at...

Direct: (817) 736-0294

Customer Reviews for Rod Maxwell

Reviewed By: Chris B.
Independence, OR

Posted on Yelp
Nov 17th, 2019
Was worth traveling 1/2 way across the USA to buy from them. Picked us up from the airport, with refreshments, had paperwork ready when we arrived. Great at returning phone calls, emails quickly answering questions. I would not even consider looking anywhere else for a bus. Keith and Amanda are excellent to work with.

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