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Child Care Buses

It’s a tough job transporting our little ones. Young children are playful and curious, so they need vehicles that can carry them safely to their destinations while at the same time providing enough comfort to make them feel snug as a bug in rug. That way, they won’t keep on asking “are we there yet?”

At Hudson Bus Sales, we understand all the rigors you face when transporting children. Whether you’re running a preschool, a day care center, or a community organization for small children, we are committed to providing you the best child care buses that are sure to meet your unique needs.

Choose a Child Care Bus for Maximum Safety

If you are thinking of buying a passenger van to transport groups of young children, consider it a bad idea. The National Transportation Safety Board has warned the public that 15-passenger vans have a high rollover propensity. Because carrying a large group of people can affect a vehicle’s center of gravity, the potential for driver control loss is higher in vans. They are simply not built well enough to carry a lot of people, even young children.

Our child care buses offer optimum safety, thanks to features like harness and restraint systems that meet all regulatory standards, as well as robust chassis and frame construction that is similar to how school buses are built. Unlike vans, child care buses suffer no center of gravity shift issues.

When the safety of young children is involved, never second guess. Choose only a proper child care bus that can withstand all the challenges of transporting kids of all ages. To learn more about our selection of child care buses, please call us now at 817-207-5808.

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