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Hudson Bus Sales knows that at Goddard Schools, the unique nurturing approach to learning often extends outside the classroom.  Children learn best when it hands-on, active learning and field trips provide a great avenue to build on what has been taught in the classroom.  Parents also look to Goodard Schools for after school child care.  We want to help you making lifelong memories and connections for the children and parents that are part of the Goddard family.  

Which Bus is Right for Our School?

We know that each schools needs and requirments are unique and may change based upon enrollment which is why we offer a variety of options for your transportation needs. Both CDL and non-CDL options are availalbe so more of your team can transport children as needed.  

Hudson Bus Sales has helped Goddard Schools all across the US find the best buses for their needs that also has the customization they desire to give it the polished, professional look they desire. Not sure what you want or need? We are able to partner with your staff to select the right size and type that works best for all your needs as well.  

Continuing Service

We also know that service and training after you purchase your bus is critical as well which is why we also offer:

  • Parts and Service
  • Training Employees on what to buy in a bus and why
  • Delivery and training upon delivery
  • Trade-Ins
  • Custom bus designs

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We are an exclusive dealer for Collins buses, a brand known for their quality and dependability.  You can rest assured that all our buses are finally reliable and will be able to travel to any point that you want without any problem. Our experienced team of experts will find you the perfect bus that will suit your traveling requirements.

Whether you are an established location looking to add or upgrade your fleet or a new location needing to purchase buses for the first time, feel free to contact our staff for more details regarding our buses and services. You can call 817-207-5808 or complete our contact form and someone will get back with you shortly. We will be more than happy to address your needs and see that you are provided the best transport solution to fit you and your group. 

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