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Headquartered in Oswego, KS, and part of B12 Transportation Group of Kansas City, MO., Diamond Coach is one of the reputed manufacturers of high quality, rust-free, impact-resistant buses of the country. 

Since 1989, Diamond buses have been offering smooth, quiet rides to its customers all over the country and beyond. Their bus solutions are ideal for hotels, transit and parking authorities, healthcare, tour operators, sports clubs, and churches, and many more and have superior resale value. Diamond markets its product through a nationwide team of independent dealers among which Hudson Bus Sales is one. 

Hudson Bus Sales is a full-service bus dealership and service provider. Headquartered in Cleburne, Texas, we provide transport solutions for all types and sizes of groups and organizations all across the US. We sell new and used buses made by the most trusted manufacturers. We are also the authorized dealer of some of the largest, and biggest brands including Diamond Coach.

NOTE: So if you are looking for rust-free, impact-resistant commercial buses for a variety of applications, of the Diamond brand, call us, the authorized dealer, today at 817-207-5808 for free estimates.

Diamond Bus Models We Sale/Service 

VIP 2000

VIP 2000

VIP 2200

VIP 2200

Stock Units (these are buses that we build in advance of the sale for the convenience of the customer).

Why Buy Collins Bus?

  • Have been delivering Type A school buses with A+ marks for strength and safety since 1967. Their buses are 5X stronger.
  • Has best bus design and flexible innovations and bus configurations. Such as the all-new Collins Low-Floor school bus designs, wheelchair accessibility, and more. 
  • Collins remains the leader among bus manufacturers in unrelenting quality.
  • Can build on any chassis and customize any seating plan or fuel option.
  • Collins is backed by REV Group, a $2+ billion world leader in vehicle manufacturing that is committed to connect and protect customers with our vehicles. As part of REV, Collins customers have access to REV Financial Services™ and to an exclusive REV / Ryder Maintenance Program.

Why Buy Diamond Bus?

Diamond Company offers buses for various industries: Church, Health Care, Hotel & Parking, Tours, Transits, Activity (team buses) and so on.  Diamond also offers the best value for Federal Transit Agencies and State-funded programs.

Their buses also have various cost-saving and comfort features: 

  • Rust free:  In cities with high amounts of rain, snow, sea salt, or calcium chloride, rust will commonly develop in the step well, wheel wells, and along with door frames of metal buses. Diamond buses do not rust because of their all-composite construction.
  • Impact-resistant: The impact resistance of Diamond buses are impeccable! Their body can retain its form even after a very heavy blow and thus are also easier to maintain for the life of the vehicle.
  • Superior Temperature Efficiency: Diamond buses are easier to cool / heat than metal constructed buses. Because they have superior insulation properties making it far easier to cool and heat than a metal bus. 
  • No repainting: The exterior of a Diamond bus is finished with a durable gel coat material. As a result, even after years of use and abuse, simply hand washing the exterior and buffing with wax can give the “nearly new” finish return all without repainting.
  • No waves: Waves are great for surfing, just not on the side of a bus. With Diamond’s three seam construction process, waves will not appear or create issues with graphics.
  • Smooth, quiet ride: Unlike metal buses that creak with every bump and turn, Diamond’s all-composite construction is smooth and quiet. Diamond buses provide superior sound dampening. For example, Diamond sidewalls are never glued, taped, or filled with Styrofoam. Diamond also installs thick rubber pads between the “I-Beams” and floor to help cushion the ride while reducing road noise.

Why Choose Authorized Diamond Bus Sale Dealer?

Authorized Diamond Bus

Purchasing buses or other vehicles privately or from other sources instead of authorized dealer poses many potential risks and drawbacks. Such as reduced legal protection, potentially unreliable vehicle checks and the time required to search out and complete the deal, etc. All these can make this process time consuming and sometimes financially risky.

In contrast, opting to use an authorized bus dealer such as Hudson Bus Sales can offer the benefits of wide product choice, the security of purchase, expert technical support, and excellent standards of after-sales service.

Why Choose Hudson Bus Sales?

So if you are thinking of purchasing a commercial bus that offers great resistance, comfort and low maintenance requirements choose Diamond Bus. And buy it from the authorized dealer, Hudson Bus Sales, to have a smooth, reliable sales and after-sales experience. Contact us today at 817-207-5808 or online for further assistance. 

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