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Turtle Top started manufacturing automotive products in 1962. What began with recreational vehicles has grown into a reputed provider of transportation solutions with sales and service locations across the USA and Canada. 

The company specializes in manufacturing small to mid-sized buses and specialty vehicles that are built on Chevrolet, Ford, and Freight liner chassis. Buses are designed according to the requests and requirements of customers. Their clientele includes some of the most prestigious names in the motor coach industry. 

Turtle Top vehicles are marketed through a network of distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Hudson Bus Sales are one of their authorized dealers.

Turtle Top Bus

Hudson Bus Sales are one of the best full-service bus dealership and service providers of the country. Headquartered in Cleburne, Texas, we provide transport solutions for all types and sizes of groups and organizations all across the US. We sell new and used buses made by the most trusted manufacturers. We are also the authorized dealer of some of the largest, and biggest brands including Turtle Top.

NOTE:So if you are looking to buy Turtle Top vehicles with a good after-sales service, call us, the authorized dealer, today at 817-207-5808 for free estimates.

Turtletop Bus Models

The company offers a wide product range including buses for churches, colleges, and schools. They create shuttle buses, transit buses, charter buses, 15 passenger vans, tour buses, limousine buses, and more.

Turtle Top Bus

Turtle Top bus models include VT3, VanTerra, Terra Transit, Odyssey, and the Odyssey XL. They can have a capacity of 7 to 34 passengers. Some of the features they can have include a Co-pilot Seat, Lavatory, Luggage/Cargo, Wheelchair Access, and so on.

Who Are Turtle Top Buses For?

Turtle Top provides convenient and dependable transportation for colleges, churches, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, transportation companies, government agencies, and others.

Why Turtletop?

  • Member of the Mid-Sized Bus Association
  • Approved as a Qualified Ford, Chevrolet, and Freightliner Vehicles Modifier. 
  • Our company has the distinction of being both Ford and Chevrolet’s oldest bailment pool company and enjoys an excellent rapport with the Commercial Department in Dearborn and Detroit.
  • Can custom-build bus designs according to the needs and requirements of customers. 
  • Serve a wide variety of individuals and organizations (both governmental and non-governmental). 
  • Concern for environmental deterioration caused by fossil fuels and thus considerable investment and effort into researching alternative power and fuel options. 

Why Choose Authorized Turtle Top Bus Sales Dealers?

Turtle Top Bus

Purchasing buses or other vehicles privately or from other sources instead of authorized dealers poses many potential risks and drawbacks. Such as reduced legal protection, potentially unreliable vehicle checks and the time required to search out and complete the deal, etc. All these can make this process time consuming and sometimes financially risky.

In contrast, opting to use an authorized bus dealer such as Hudson Bus Sales can offer the benefits of wide product choice, the security of purchase, expert technical support, and excellent standards of after-sales service.

Why Choose Authorized Dealer Hudson Bus Sales?

  • Hudson Bus Sales is one of the most trusted full-service bus dealerships and service providers.
  • It was launched by industry veteran and expert Brad Hudson.
  • We sell new and used commercial and non-commercial buses made by the most trusted manufacturers: Turtle Top, L.A West, Collins Bus, Diamond, Champion, Federal, Goshen, and more. 
  • We sell and service all kinds of buses: commercial buses and vans, activity/MFSAB Buses, and others. 
  • We also offer HGACBuy services.
  • We also have rental options for small, mid-size, large, and ADA buses and vans. Also, there are no surprise fees or hidden costs during your rental process.
  • If you are looking for specific parts for your vehicle we have them too. Our team can help you to find and deliver it in a timely manner, at the best possible price. 

So if you are looking to purchase buses/vehicles with the best-built quality in the industry, and who are also concerned about environmental deterioration, then Turtle Top is the one for you. Call us today at or contact us onlineto get the best Turtle Top bus deals. 

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