Damaged Bus & Van Graphics Replacement

Damaged Bus & Van Graphics Replacement

Damaged Bus and Van Graphics Replacement

A single accident can damage your bus or van graphics badly. When that happens, you will want to replace the graphics or wrap the commercial vehicle ASAP to keep your brand and your message in front of customers. If the damage is not too severe, a partial graphics replacement may be the answer for you. At Hudson Bus Sales, our technicians can help you judge the best course of action. 

Our company is a full-service bus and van dealership and service provider. Headquartered in Cleburne, Texas, we offer a full-service graphics shop where our certified technicians can provide any graphics repair and vehicle wrap services for all kinds of buses and retail vehicles.

When you are looking for a reliable and professional rental, commercial, or activity van graphics workshop, contact us online or give us a call at 817-207-5808 for free estimates. We also have pickup options to bring your vehicle to our facility. 

Partial Replacement Options for Damaged Vehicle Graphics

When trying to replace the graphics of a van, bus, or truck, a partial replacement may be more cost-effective than a full replacement. It depends on a number of factors that include:

Partial Replacement Options for Damaged Vehicle Graphics

How Much Body Damage is Involved?

It is necessary to repair all body damage before moving to the graphics. Adding graphics over the top of a damaged area will draw attention to the damage.

Bodywork and paint should be left to cure according to manufacturers’ recommendations before applying adhesive graphics. If not, the gas from the paint could loosen the adhesive on the vinyl, which will lead to the separation of the vinyl from the vehicle.

Van & Bus Graphics in the Damaged Area

The size of the damaged area is a big determining factor for whether partial replacement is feasible. If the graphics damage is on part of a door, the entire door should be rewrapped in most cases. The same goes for a hood, quarter panel, or trunk.

Replacing Original Equipment Manufacturer Graphics

Replacing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Graphics

Many body shops offer adhesive vinyl applications. If your damaged vehicle had manufacturer-applied graphics, a replacement graphic is possible if you go to a licensed repair shop that can acquire the OEM replacement graphics.

Aftermarket Graphics Replacement

It can be difficult to partially replace damaged aftermarket graphics for anyone other than the original graphics provider. This doesn’t mean that another provider couldn’t repair the damage. It means they’ll need to be especially diligent about a color match.

Why Choose Hudson Bus Sales to Repair Your Bus or Van Graphics?

There are many wonderful reasons to choose Hudson Bus Sales to repair the damaged graphics to your bus, van, or commercial vehicle. For starters, we are an authorized dealer for industry-leading brands such as Collins, Turtle Top, and more. We sell new and used commercial buses and vans, activity/MFSAB Buses, and more. We also offer HGACBuy services. Besides vehicle graphics replacement, we also provide other van and bus services such as AC Service,  Detailing, Mobile Service, Pick-up & Delivery, Preventive Maintenance Plans, Safety Inspections, and more. When you need our help, contact us online or give us a call at 817-207-5808 to coordinate any bus/van purchase, rental, or repair. We can pick your vehicle up or arrange a tow to get the job started! 

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