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Atlanta, GA is the capital of the state and is also the most populous city in Georgia. The city itself has a population of more than 440,000, while the Atlanta Metropolitan Area -- with Atlanta at its center -- is home to more than 5.9 million people.

With that many people, the city needs an efficient way of transporting large groups of people without relying on cars. That is why Hudson Bus Sales offers new and used buses for sale or rent

We handle bus sales, rentals, and maintenance because Hudson Bus Sales is a full-service dealership. And while we are based in Texas, we cater to small and large groups all over the country for their transportation needs. For organizations that need to transport a large number of people, the name to remember is Hudson Bus Sales. 

We can provide both new and used buses built only by the trusted names in the industry because we learned in our years of operation that you have to rely only on reputable companies to have an efficient transportation business. We know that sometimes, it’s not practical to purchase a vehicle of your own, especially when you are not going to use it often. That’s why we also offer our rental services. 

Products and Services Offered by Hudson Bus Sales in Atlanta

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We adapt to the need of your organization. If you’re going to need a bus for regularly transporting a large group of people, then purchasing a bus or a van makes the most sense.

Professional & college sports teams, for example, opt to own their own buses. Churches and schools often do the same.

For other organizations, however, the best option is to rent. Below are some of the products and services that we offer in Atlanta:

Commercial Buses and Vans For Sale - The advantage of purchasing a van or a bus is that you can customize it for the specific needs of your organization. Do you have a lot of seniors in your church? Using a van that can only accommodate 15 passengers may not be an ideal solution. Our small buses, for example, only seat up to 15 passengers and are perfect for small groups. Our mid-size buses can seat up to 33 passengers, while our large buses can comfortably seat up to 56 individuals. We also have wheelchair-equipped buses and vans and other specialty vehicles. 

Rental Vans and Buses - Our rental vans and buses are flexible and you can choose from our large fleet. Our small buses can be used as “Child Care Buses”, which can transport up to 14 elementary or pre-school-age children; or “Activity Buses”, which can be used for transporting 14 adult passengers and are typically utilized in social services, churches, and colleges, and universities. Our mid-size buses can accommodate 20 to 25 passengers and are typically used for transporting adults and/or high school students. Our large buses can seat 33 passengers. Our commercial buses can seat 12 passengers plus two wheelchair positions, while our low-floor minivans can comfortably seat 4 passengers plus 2 wheelchair positions. 

Bus Service and Maintenance - We know that working only with the most-reputable bus and van manufacturers is the smart way to go, as these vans and buses are more reliable. They still need maintenance though, and if you purchase your buses from Hudson Bus Sales, we can handle their maintenance from a simple oil change to more complex tasks. 

Let Hudson Bus Sales Transport Your Passengers in Atlanta 

When you need our services to transports a large group of people, visit our contact us page to request a quote or give us a call at 817-207-5808. We will be happy to answer your questions about our sales, rentals, and maintenance services in Atlanta.


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