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Transporting more than 12 people at a time can be challenging, particularly if you don’t have the right size vehicle for the job. If you need a bus or a shuttle to ferry more than a dozen people at a time from one place to another in Charleston, SC, the company to call is Hudson Bus Sales. We have a wide selection of buses and transportation options available.

Whether you are moving 30 people across the country on a company road-trip or need a luxury shuttle for your executives to use for a special event, we can find you the right vehicle for it. We have a roster of vehicles for you to choose from for any and all occasions. We have buses that can accommodate up to 78 passengers and vehicles that are equipped to transport mobility-impaired passengers. 

Hudson Bus Sales Lets You Rent or Buy

For your bus rental and buying requirements, we have a huge inventory to help you make the right choice. We also have decades of experience handling bus sales and rentals, so we know where to find the perfect bus to match your needs and your budget.

We have small buses, medium buses, and large buses that range in size from 15-seaters to massive, 78-passenger units. Whether you want new or pre-owned, we can help you rent or buy either option. You could also consider a long-term lease or ask about our financing options. 

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Wide Variety of Bus Options from Hudson Bus Sales

When you look through our selection of rental and for-sale buses, you will a wide variety of options that include:

Activity/ MFSAB Buses

Commercial Buses & Vans

Child Care Bus

Church Bus

Social Service Bus

Private School Bus

Executive Shuttles

Hotel Shuttle Bus

We also provide support for the buses and shuttles that we sell and rent. Our list of services includes repair service and parts, custom graphics, paint and body, and preventive maintenance. 

Trust Hudson Bus Sales with Your Bus & Shuttle Needs in Charleston, SC

Whether you are thinking of buying or renting a bus for a special event, Hudson Bus Sales can handle your vehicular needs in Charleston, SC. We have large vehicles that can transport upwards of 12 people at a time, as well as smaller units. We also have ADA-compliant buses and vans that you can rent or buy.

Hudson Bus Sales provides you with buses that you can purchase for your company. We carry pre-owned and brand new units for you to pick from. To find out more about our inventory and to get more information on our available units, call us at 817-207-5808 or visit our Contact Us page and fill out our query form and we will get back to you with answers to your questions.