New and Used Buses for Sale in Orlando, FL

Orlando is known throughout the state of Florida as “The City Beautiful,” as well as the “Theme Park Capital of the World.” It is also the third largest metropolitan area in the state and the sixth largest in the United States. For its many attractions, as well as the general quality of life here, moving people from place to place in Orlando can be difficult. Luckily, the bus transport sector has been on the receiving end of innovation, constantly upgrading to meet the needs of its riders. One company that can attest in the role of buses (big and small, new and pre-owned, of standard make and of industry-specific build) in moving large groups of people is Hudson Bus Sales

Though headquartered in Cleburne, Texas, Hudson Bus Sales is proud to offer full-service dealership of brand-new buses, secondhand buses, and bus parts all over the United States. We know what it takes to ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable journey for passengers of all types. We can help ferry students, sports teams, tourists, or members of an office to their chosen locations; we even have ADA-accessible buses that can accommodate the elderly and persons with disability (PWDs), housing ramps and ample storage space for wheelchairs. 

From wherever you are in the United States, partner with Hudson Bus Sales to fulfill all your bus transport needs!

Hudson Bus Sales: Moving Every American

Founded by its namesake Brad Hudson, a veteran in the bus transport sector, Hudson Bus Sales has accumulated many years of industry experience serving all types of groups. Our past clients have included schools, businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, and employees of US government agencies. However diverse these groups are, they have one thing in common: they are happy with Hudson Bus Sales’ responsiveness to their particular situation; the company’s expertise in all things related to bus transport; and the company’s passion to make things safer and easier on its passengers.  

Hudson Bus Sales sells both new and pre-owned buses from the world’s most reputable brand names. We’ll be happy to take you through the models in our catalogue, inform you of their seating capacity and attached features, and schedule a free estimate. Our work doesn’t stop with sales; we also provide rental services for clients who need bus transport for a limited period of time, and we do aftersales services such as repairs and maintenance. We are quite serious about preserving the lifespan of each of our bus units, as well as safeguarding you from accidents or vehicular breakdowns. Trust Hudson Bus Sales to move you anywhere in America!  

Sales and Services We Offer in Orlando, FL

Our Orlando, FL customers may enjoy the full range of our bus dealership, rental, and maintenance services. Click below to learn about the transport needs we can offer you:

  • Commercial Buses/Vans (Small, Mid-Size, Large, Wheelchair-Equipped, and Specialty)
  • Activity/MFSAB Buses (Pre-Owned Small, Mid-Size, Large, Wheelchair-Equipped)
  • Rentals (Small, Mid-Size, Large, and ADA Buses/Vans)
  • Buses by Industry (Private, Child Care, Church, Social Service, Executive, and more)
  • Service (Aftersales Maintenance)
  • Parts (Air Conditioning, Parts and Accessories, Alert Systems, Flooring, Switches, Safety Equipment, and more)

We also enact services that can improve the bus’s aesthetics, performance, and resistance to wear and tear, such as new paint jobs, accident repair, frame alignment, and bus graphics. 

Move Forward in Your Journey with Hudson Bus Sales

Start your journey anywhere across the United States with a quick call to 817-203-2701 or a query on Hudson Bus Sales’ Contact Us page. Let us know when you’d like to schedule your free estimate, and prepare any questions about bus type, seating capacity, features, and maintenance that you might have for us. We’ll be happy to accommodate you!


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