New & Used Buses for Sale or Rent in Plano, TX

The city of Plano, TX, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, is the ninth most populous city in the state and one of the 70 most populous cities in North America. Plano is one of the safest American cities, according to a 2011 Forbes survey.

Plano is home to several notable companies, including Toyota Motor North America, Inc. and JC Penney. For meetings involving those companies, or for tourist-related journeys and conventions in the DFW area, there is high demand for group travel. Luckily, a Texas-based bus dealership called Hudson Bus Sales can supply those options for Plano residents.  

Hudson Bus Sales provides full-service dealership of brand-new buses, secondhand buses, and bus parts to locations all over the United States. We work to align your transportation needs with the right bus model, type, and features. We also provide rental buses of varying sizes, as well as options tailored to mobility-impaired passengers, for those interested in charters and short-term junkets.

Wherever you’re located in the United States, Hudson Bus Sales will find a way to move you from place to place!    

Hudson Bus Sales: Travel Experts for Buyers & Renters

Hudson Bus Sales is named for Brad Hudson, an expert in the bus transportation industry. Such expertise extends to Hudson employees, who have an eye for picking the right bus to suit any client’s budget, space constraints, and needs.

We have efficiently served the transportation needs of schools, clubs, church congregations, businesses, NGOs, and US government agencies. Our satisfied customers praise Hudson’s responsiveness to their needs, high level of knowledge and competency in transportation work.  

We sell both new and secondhand buses from the world’s finest brands. We also offer bus rentals, as well as aftersales services such as body repair and periodic maintenance. We will do everything in our power to lengthen the service life of our bus models and protect our customers. Schedule a free estimate with us and plan your next big bus trip!

Sales & Rental Services Offered in Plano, TX

We have a wide range of bus sale, rental, and maintenance services for our Plano, TX customers. Check out the following links for details on Hudson Bus Sales’ services:

  • Commercial Buses/Vans (Small, Mid-Size, Large, Wheelchair-Equipped, and Specialty)
  • Activity/MFSAB Buses (Pre-Owned Small, Mid-Size, Large, Wheelchair-Equipped)
  • Rentals (Small, Mid-Size, Large, and ADA Buses/Vans)
  • Buses by Industry (Private, Child Care, Church, Social Service, Executive, and more)
  • Service (Aftersales Maintenance)
  • Parts (Air Conditioning, Parts and Accessories, Alert Systems, Flooring, Switches, Safety Equipment, and more)

In addition to these core services, we also do paint jobs, bus graphics, accident repair, frame alignment, and more. It’s our way of keeping each bus unit in tip-top shape and great to look at during a long drive!

Let Hudson Bus Sales Move You Anywhere in America

Give us a call at 817-207-5808 or visit our Contact Us page to get you moving for your next all-American trip. Take advantage of our free estimate and make an appointment with us. Whether your group is headed across Plano or across the country, you'll need the best bus with the best features to make the journey memorable. Let Hudson Bus Sales provide that for you!