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Tulsa, OK ranks 22nd in the USA when it comes to population density. It has a population of more than 400,000, and it is part of Tulsa County, which is the most densely populated county in Oklahoma. With that many people to move, an efficient mode of transportation is a necessity. 

When you need to transport a large number of people to the same place for a specific event, using buses makes more sense than using several cars. Hudson Bus Sales offers new and used buses for sale or rent in Tulsa. 

We are a full-service bus dealership and service provider that operates in Texas, but we also serve small and large groups all over the US. Our goal is to be the go-to company for organizations looking for transport solutions in moving people in large groups. We sell brand new and used buses manufactured by the trusted names in the industry. We know that in some cases, you’ll only need to transport a big number of people for a limited time. That’s why we offer rentals as well. 

Bus Parts, Accessories, Maintenance & Repairs by Hudson Bus Sales in Tulsa

For organizations that regularly transport large groups of people, a bus is the most cost-effective option. In some cases, that means rental buses. Here are the products and services we offer in Tulsa for your transportation needs: 

Commercial Buses and Vans for Sale - We have brand new and used buses for sale. We also offer financing and leasing. The small buses in our inventory can carry up to 15 passengers, the mid-size buses carry up 33, while the large buses can transport up to 56 passengers. We have wheelchair-equipped vans and buses and other specialized vehicles. 

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We have different types of vans and buses for your various transportation needs. For transporting preschool and elementary kids, we have “Child Care Buses” that can seat 14 children. For high school students and seniors, we have the “Activity Buses” which can seat 14 adult passengers. Our mid-size buses can seat 20-25 passengers while our large buses seat 33 passengers. We also have commercial buses and low-floor minivans for rent. 

Bus Service and Maintenance - The buses that we sell can serve you for years and years to come. Of course, regular service maintenance is needed for your vehicle to continue being safe and reliable. Buses are investments that we want you to benefit from for as long as possible. We do the simplest maintenance tasks, such as oil change and tune-ups, up to the more complicated jobs like a total overhaul. 

Bus Parts and Accessories - We have a wide range of parts and accessories, from switches to child-alert systems and child-restraint booster seats. We only work with the best accessory and part manufacturers that comply with the highest standards in terms of safety and reliability as well as comfort. 

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